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New ASP lecture video series is organized into 14 different lectures covering all seven domains of the ASP examination, based on the current BCSP blueprint.

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Take quizzes in each domain of the exam to evaluate your knowledge of each subject area. Take overall comprehensive tests to evaluate your knowledge of all domains of the exam.

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CEUs and certification awarded by Florida Institue of Technology, Office of Continuing Education.

Looking for a shortcut?

Looking for a shortcut?

Subscribe to our NEW ASP Video Lecture series, carefully designed to facilitate your preparation for the certification exam. Watch the video lectures at your own pace, save time, and improve your learning performance.

"I passed my CSP! I couldn't have done it without your help..."


Self-Paced Courses

CSP Examination Preparation Course

This self-paced interactive course covers all nine domains of the NEW CSP9 exam blueprint published by Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP). These domains are:
Domain 1: Advanced Science and Math
Domain 2: Management Systems
Domain 3: Risk Management
Domain 4: Advanced Safety Concepts
Domain 5: Emergency Preparedness, Fire Protection, and Security
Domain 6: Occupational Health and Ergonomics
Domain 7: Environmental Management Systems
Domain 8: Training/Education
Domain 9: Law and Ethics

Now you can earn 3.0 CEUs awarded by the Florida Institute of Technology University Office of Continuing Education.

ASP Examination Preparation Course

This self-paced interactive course which covers all seven domains of the ASP exam, is updated according to the current Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) blueprint. These domains are: Mathematics (selected safety related calculations), Safety Management Systems, Ergonomics, Fire Prevention and Protection, Occupational Health Engineering, Environmental Management, and Training, Education and Communication.

A section is also provided on Algebra and Trigonometry, which allows you to review the mathematics used to solve many of the technical questions on the examination.

Now you can earn 3.0 CEUs awarded by the Florida Institute of Technology University Office of Continuing Education.

CHMM Examination Preparation Course
Updated with over 140 NEW questions

This self-paced interactive course is organized into six sections based on the areas covered in the current Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM) examination blueprint. The course covers selected EPA, DOT and OSHA Regulations, Basic Chemistry, Scientific Principles and Applications, Fire Protection and Personal Protective Equipment, Toxicology and Radiation, and Management Practices for Hazardous Materials Management.

Now you can earn 2.0 CEUs awarded by the Florida Institute of Technology University Office of Continuing Education.

CIH Examination Preparation Course

This self-paced interactive course will prepare you for the technical aspects of the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) CIH certification examination, which includes Industrial Noise Control, Radiation, Ventilation, General Sciences and Statistics, and Heat Stress.

The formulas which are currently on the ABIH Equation Sheet are thoroughly explained and followed by examples that demonstrate their application.

Now you can earn 1.0 CEU awarded by the Florida Institute of Technology, University Office of Continuing Education.

"It is with great excitement I share my passing of the ASP examination. I feel as though I know you since you have been teaching and mentoring me through the video training materials for so long. The combination of video and training materials proved formidable preparation for the exam. When I bought the materials we spoke on the phone. You shared an investment of some 60 hours would be necessary to extract full value. I certainly exceeded that time, but what I find interesting is the amount of information that becomes clearer with each pass through it. By the time I took the exam, most formulas were naturally committed to memory. I was fully prepared for the little stumbles, absolute values and temperature, constants, US vs metric, conversion of units, etc. I will be recommending your services to other safety professionals with our organization"
- Michael Berkley, ASP, STS-C
"Thank You ISSM for such a great study guide and online prep platform for CSP 9, The study materials made me think and learn which made it easy to pass the CSP exam"
- Pradeesh Prabhakaran, CSP
"I passed my CSP!! I couldn't have done it without your help on it or the ASP. Your course study materials have been invaluable and I will be forever grateful! Without your test prep materials for both test I couldn't have passed.
The exam was almost exactly like your prep materials. That made me a lot more comfortable in a high pressure situation. I took your quizzes multiple times and that was my benchmark that I was ready to take the exam."
- Matt B., CSP
"The comprehensive Examination Preparation Course was an immense help in passing my CSP examination. The guide reinforced basic scientific principles. The examples were very well written."
- J.M., Ph.D., CSP

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